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Township Ordinances, Documents & Forms

Please click on the links below. You must have ADOBE Acrobat Reader to view and print.

Dallas Township E-Code access:
Dallas Township eCode Access
(Dallas Township utilizes eCode for on-line access to all Township ordinances. Click below for access.)

All contract workers in Dallas Township must register with the Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer.

Comprehensive Plan:
Comprehensive Plan 2015

Property Maintenance Code Ordinance Amended

Supervisors approved and amended the property Maintenace Code to Ordinance 2 of 2023 and updating to the 2021 International Property Maintenance Code Ordinance will go into effect Monday April 10th, 2023.


Dallas Township Zoning Ordinance & Map Update:

Dallas Township Storm Water Management Ordinance & Applications:

Luzerne County Stormwater Management Plan
(Luzerne County Act 167 Phase II Stormwater Management Plan, which includes all required maps necessary to prepare water maintenance plans.)

Dallas Township Schedule of Fees 2020

Permit Applications:

Rental Inspection Ordinance:

Mobile Food Facilities Ordinance:

Cul-de-sac illustration:
Cul De Sac Construction Design
(This is a description of cul-de-sac appendix (Section 813.3)

Dallas Township Street Dedication Takeover:
Procedure for Dedication and Take Over of Road and Streets 2011

811 Information: